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Flight Training Overview


In order to truly appreciate our great hobby, one has to experience it first hand. Our club offers flight training on Wednesday evenings throughout the flying season open to anyone interested in experiencing the fun and exhilaration of piloting a model aircraft or helicopter. Club instructors are made available for one on one instruction from basic flight to advanced aerobatics and everything in between.


Anyone interested in trying their hand at flying is welcome to come out and participate in a discovery flight. A discovery flight is a one time, hands on flying experience where our club Intro Flight Instructors take new pilots up with our club trainer to see what aeromodelling is all about.


Our club instructors make use of a buddy box system while training new students. This system links the controls used by the instructor and student via a cable to allow for ultimate control over the plane. This results in a much safer training environment where the instructor has complete control of the aircraft at any given time. The buddy box system is typically used by the instructor until a student has proven they can successfully fly solo.


Once someone has joined the club, they gain some added benefits including:


As much one on one time with an instructor as they need to safely progress through our training course.

Alternate days of training outside of Wednesdays depending on the Instructors personal schedule and weather.

Help setting up new airplanes before a maiden flight to insure the best possible result.

Maiden flight assistance for any pilot uncomfortable with that first flight with a new plane.

Troubleshooting problems that are bound to happen, both at the field and at home.


The level of instruction include:


  • Ground School and Safety Training - All students are taught basic safety practices to promote the correct mindset while being around model aircraft.
  • Basic RC Flight Training - Basic instruction on how to fly the aircraft.
  • Ground characteristics & learning to taxi
  • How to take off
  • Basic flight orientation
  • Basic turns and flight pattern
  • How to land
  • The Basic Flight Training starts out on the buddy box and will eventually end with the student performing these actions on their own (Solo). Once these basics are confirmed by an instructor, the student is free to fly on their own at the club.
  • Advanced RC Flight - Advanced training and maneuvers including:
  • Learning how to balance, adjust and trim the airplane
  • Advanced flight pattern
  • Loops, Rolls and Figure 8's
  • Inverted flight
  • Stall and Spin recovery
  • Basic RC Helicopter Flight
  • Advanced RC Helicopter Flight
  • Basic Control Line Flight
  • Advanced Control Line Flight



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