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Member Aircraft - Helicopters Member Aircraft - Helicopters AJ's helicopter-May 2012 156469080 146442820 E-Flite Blade MCPx (Dave Schneck) Heavily modified with parts from MIA Microflight and KBBD. 145902024 Walkera Dragonfly (Dave Schneck) Dave's first heli (now retired, as you need to go online for parts and I'm not that patient.) 145902029 E-Flite Blade MCX S300 (Dave Schneck) An MCX with a Schweitzer S300 body kit. Looks great parked next to the Micro RC MiNI Cooper (which is much more reliable than Dave's real MINI Cooper.) 145902025 E-Flite Blade MSR (Dave Schneck) Really agile but a handful to fly if you're coming up from coax helis. If you can keep it in the air without hitting anything, you're ready for an MCpx. 145902028 E-Slite Blade MCX (Dave Schneck) Absolutely rock solid stable, you can let your friends fly it in the family room without worries. 145902026 E-Flite Blade MCX2 (Dave Schneck) Dave upgraded a stock MCX to an MCX2 with lights from TinyBrightLights and an MCX2 body kit and motors. The swash was also ripped from an MSR for more agility. 145902027 E-Sky Belt CP (Dave Schneck) 145902030 Homebrew Quadcopter (Dave Schneck) Built from scratch with pieces and parts from all over town. Originally Dave used a homemade 6-Axis gyro coupled with an Arduino embedded controller, but it's currently flying on a Gaui quadcopter 3-axis gyro while he works out some programming bugs. 145902032 E-Flite Blade MQx Micro Quad So simple: four motors, four blades, four sticks of carbon fiber and some plastic pieces to hold it all together. And the most important part, of course, the AS3X controller that keeps it all in the air. Impossible a couple years ago, this thing is absolutely rock solid and a pleasure to fly, especially in the winter months when you need something to chase the cats with. Highly recommended! 148124280 EXI 400 CP (Dave Schneck) Built from scratch using a combination of EXI and Align Trex parts. Dave put Align decals on the body as well, but he's pretty sure he's not fooling anyone. Still, it flies great! 145902031 146442822 146442821 146409312 146409310 146409313 144695379 146409326 146409325 146409324 146409317 146409323 146409318 146409321

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